About Us

Welcome to Global Network Point

Tommorrow’s Innovation Today.

Who Are We

We are an IT Solutions provider with vast experience in the industry spanning back 5 years. We have partnered with the industry’s best to provide top of the range ICT services to our clients

Our Mission

To be a global Leader in providing futuristic technology today ,allowing our clients to enjoy long term benefits that enables them to respond to evolving market trends

What We Do


Our 6-D Process


Our process flow starts by discovering the needs of our clients by sitting with them and gathering information



We then come up with the scope of work which we share.



Based on the scope we design the prototype and put everything on paper



From the design table we then develop the idea and perfect it.



we then deploy the solutions both onsite and in the cloud.



Finally we handover the project or solution to our clients on time .

Why Choose Us?

We offer world class IT Solutions and services by providing reliable and affordable products and services to keep your business abreast with the trending technological advancement.Our skilled Engineers with vast experience in the field ensure end to end IT Solutions and total proficiency

We make sure whatever design passes through our hands is top notch ,be it a basic network diagram,Data centre design among others.You are assured of quality end product

Our support is 24/7.You call we act and provide timeously support on demand.

It has always been our mission to make sure that whatever we touch turns into gold ,and we have been doing so religiously.With the support from our clients we have managed to deliver turnkey projects on time.

At G.N.P we have made it a policy to partner with the industry’s best in providing robust and new technology to our clients.

  • We have Project Management Softwares.
  • Business Intelligence software
  • Accounting packages
  • microsoft windows and office
  • network Management software
  • firewalls(software based.
  • among others

Our Engineers and developers are on standby to attend and deliver on your requests.Be it

  • Mobile apps
  • desktops app
  • web designing
  • tracking devices
  • networking¬†
  • ip routing and switching¬†
  • etc

Some Numbers

At Global Network Point we are there to provide end to end solutions that satisfy our clientele

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